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Community Status Updates



Hi Ron. I drove by your house the other day after doing some training. I got pretty excited to see your trucks outside.
Jan 11 2015 01:33 PM

RON CT110 → Land Rover Redwood City

Hi Paul, I didn't get the PM; you csn also call me at 415-265-0676; thanks!
Jun 27 2014 07:11 PM

Land Rover Redwood City → RON CT110

Hey Ron, I sent you a Pm in regards to your truck, did you get it? Paul Barsanti LRRC
Jun 27 2014 09:18 AM

RON CT110 → Jen

Jen, Roz and I want to know if you are still having your baby sitter watch you boys @ the tech museum tomorrow; our baby sitter (Roz's cousin) is telling us that she may not be able to do it due to changes in her work schedule (she is a nurse and being asked to come in for work). Let us know - we want to have a back-up plan. Otherwise, no worries.
May 05 2012 06:23 AM


Sounds good Rupert; if we post in the members only, only members can see it and need to log-in; I am thinkinng if we need to do some PR, get sponsors.... should put it in the public General Events and Trip Discussions (Public) sub-forum. Let me know if you need any help. Not an NCLR trip, might drive to Vancouver this summer with my family (vacation) just to test the waters w/getting my son used to the long drive. C yah!
Apr 17 2012 05:50 AM


Ron, I'm going to start posting for the AK trip 2013 again. Do we need to post in the members only section? I'll start out with FAQs eg. food, groceries, food costs, weather, fuel prices, lodging @ motels, prices, possible group rates, camp sites, group camping, group potluck,medical services, mechanical services, event sponsorships, radios, cbs, ham, simplex vs relay, gps, costs of side trips, fishing, fishing licenses, phone services, cell service,first aid,cameras, telephoto lenses,laptops, wifi services, deadlines for group pricing for motels and campsites, hot showers,beds, outhouses vs indoor plumbing, propane services, electrical at campsites,h2o purification, convoy rules, major vehicle breakdown protocol, ham radio channels for emergencies, costs $$$. etc,etc,etc Rupert
Apr 12 2012 10:57 PM