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Battery for 1993 RR LWB NAS

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Does anyone have a suggestions for a battery for a 1993 RR NAS with air suspension and running a lot of accessories? I hate the Interstate in there and since I don't drive this daily it has to be a battery that is OK sitting for a bit. My thoughts are below. What do you all think? I have two pages of choices. My thought is one of the Optima yellow tops but other than the extra terminals (which I could use) I don't see a difference. I have read good reviews on the Duracell's but I don't know the other brands and I know Sears has a good AGM but the one I want is not available in California.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I used to recommend Optima to people, but recently they just haven't been worth the money. My dad's Optimas both swelled up like balloons on the last Fordyce trip, and it ended up just being the batteries (no overcharging by the alternator). Is there any reason you are not happy with the Interstate that is currently in it? My Interstate will power my refrigerator over night, and my truck never needs a jump even though I only drive it once or twice a week at most. Granted, I usually end up getting a warranty replacement about once a year after the Mendocino Rally because the excessive winching has killed just about every battery I have ever had in it.

If you want to drop some serious coin Odyssey batteries are really good, and I believe there are some copies of them that are made in the same warehouse that don't carry the Odyssey name. The other battery I've seen recommended on Expedition Portal is the Sears DieHard Platinum, which apparently is almost up to Odyssey quality, but not at the Odyssey price.
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Agreed. Optima used to be decent but since switching the manufacturing to Mexico several years ago they haven't been worth much. For the way you describe using the truck, with it sitting for a long time between uses an AGM is a good option as they have a lower self discharge rate and make a good deep cycle battery, but keep in mind that they have specific charging requirements to get the best out of them. The Sears Platinum batteries are actually re-labeled Odyssey, and I agree Odyssey is a good battery. The crazy part is you used to be able to buy the Sears version cheaper than the Odyssey version.

So I would recomend a deep cycle style battery regardless of which architecture you choose (flooded or AGM)

I would recomend the largest physical battery you can fit, at least if you aren't going to change to a dual battery setup. I don't know if you can fit it, but that probably means a group 31. Do be sure to check both the CCA and amp/hr rating when comparing, but be septic all of the cams of some of the off brands. When in doubt, look at the weight. Amp/hs only come with more lead so all things being equal heavier is better.

Make sure you have no parasitic draws. I hate tracking that stuff down but if you have some random draw any battery will go flat.

Consider an AGM but carefully review the OEMs charging requirements. You may need to buy a specific charger or change your regulator to get the most out of it.

Regardless of what battery you go with, I'd strongly consider getting a battery tender (of whatever brand) to maintain your battery while laid up. That will go a long way toward prolonging the life of any battery.

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