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Spotted - how is this legal?

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On the 380 yesterday -



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its got mudflaps

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I'm sure that this is a camera angle illusion, but the only thing that concerns me isn't anything to do with the car. 


Where is the driver? I don't see any hands on the wheel, feet extending to the pedals, or a head on the head rest.


All that aside, I'm impressed and looks like the car has seen some off roading.


I don't know what it is doing in my neighborhood, but I'm sure it's looking for another adventure.




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Actually it was right hand drive... lol it was awesome. The guy was smoking a cigar, camo hat on and just loving life. 

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california: where as long as it passes smog we dont care...

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california: where as long as it passes smog we dont care...

ha Ha! I was about to say that too!  can be a complete safety hazard in CA  it's ok :D


It has 2 steering wheels then??


is it a Datsun wagon??


I have on old MK1 RX7 I think I am going to transplant the body onto A Rover frame :D :D

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Traversing Defense Mine Waterfall




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Once u get registration and the base truck is old enough u can do anything until want. We see those Rubicon rigs up near sac occasionally being driven but usually on trailers.
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Legal is one thing, driving it on the road is another.


I'd be willing to bet if the CHP or DMV really wanted to they could find something that would make it illegal.


But as Ted pointed out, after a certain age (1974?...I forget) they no longer check smog.  Technically you are still supposed to conform to any required smog laws pertinent to your specific year but that far back there aren't many smog standards anyway and combined with the fact there just aren't that many cars still on the road from that far back they stopped inspections and let it slide so if you swap a big block into your 1970 Pinto you'll get away with it even though it's not technically legal.  They could still bust you, they just don't.  Don't ask, Don't tell.


I believe when they originally put this policy in place it was supposed to be a rolling age at 25 years old where they would stop smogging cars, but the greens got the better of them and they left it at a fixed year instead of rolling it.  Bummer, as many of our rigs are getting old enough they would have been smog exempt in the original plan.


As for safety items, I think the only things we have to have are brake lights, seat belts, and at least one mirror.  Each state is different though.  Some require bumpers at a certain height, or turn signals (some let you get by with hand signals), or a  windshield, or mud flaps, or no rust-thru etc.  Mostly we don't do any of that as we don't have vehicle inspections, just smog inspections.


Since the weekend was the 50th anniversary of the Cal4 Sierra Trek they had a lot of serious crawlers out.  I think they were expecting 3-400 rigs.  Most likely that's what drew this rig out.  Although again, something like that is generally trailered to the trails.  We certainly had to deal with plenty of RVs towing crawlers up the gravel roads last weekend.

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