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Car quality survey

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I was reading this morning that the new J.D. Power survey for new car quality is out and once again Land Rover is listed as one of the bottom 5. This seem to be a recurring theme every year I read the report.

Why is that? They based their information on surveys from 81,500 people who bought or leased new vehicles between Nov & Jan. of '08. They asked 228 questions.

I travel a lot and drive a number of new vehicles and I always feel short-changed in most of them. There are many times I wished I could have a Rover instead of another aluminum can on wheels. So is the general public that ignorant? Or do they perceive quality to what they are comfortable with?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and Jeep was last.



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Well in an expensive SUV, that has ALL Wheel drive so gets worse mileage than say a 2wd/4wd drive, is really a "mid sized" even at the flagship level and a dealer network that is not consistant from visit to visit much less location to location.....and salesmen that have to have someone come in and train them on WHAT the terrain response is...

I wonder why they get bad marks.

If someone who loved LR's opened a dealership, I think those marks would be different than someone who opens the dealership becuase they like the smell of money.



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WHen people go out and buy a 30k Ford Expedition and have to take it in for recalls and warranty work, they expected that from a Ford so they take in in stride and don't make much noise about it.

Problem is that when people decide to step up to their "movie star mobile" and pay 50k-100k plus for it, they expect that kind of price tag to somehow mean the car was made by aliens from outer space and will never need any repairs. And when it does ( and I have never driven any new car that didn't ) they are also the loudest and fastest to complain about it because "$80k vehicles should never need repairs".

I think that is the largest contributor to the surveys we keep seeing on Rovers. And DITTO on people who trully understand and love the brand owning the dealers. It would trully make a difference.
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Lets face it
Post 95-96 when Rover was sold to the Germans and then to Ford the quest for the best outback vehicle was lost. The bean counters and salesmen went for the bling bling luxury money market instead of sticking to the principals of what the founders had envisioned. The Defender is still of the same ilk but take a look at the Freelander.

The take over of the Japanese in the vehicle market has produced far more reliable vehicles for far less cost. The Isuzu Trooper, Mitsubishi Montero and the Toyota Land Cruiser are just as capable for half the price. Not to mention service and parts availibilty/price. Just go to Napa, Pepboys or Kragen and try to find an air filter or compare prices of a replacement thermostat.

I love the Rovers and certain aspects cannot be surpassed. I test drove an FJ Cruiser and it all felt very cheap when compared to a Rover.

Too many sensors, too complex in the systems and suspension departments and a failure to retain the core values in leu of the dollar signs.
Juts my two cents
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